Heres a look at a few projects I've had the pleasure to work on.



Tech Stack: JavaScript, Vite, Three.js

KnightLight is a student led club at the University of Central Florida. Our aim is to bring drone shows to UCF. The club operates through several teams such as Manufacturing, Power Systems, Design, Public Affairs/Legal, and the one I am apart of Control and Software. Currently I am helping design a Web-Based previewer for our drone shows. The drone spinning is sneak peak and a mock up of one of our designs; you can interact with it here in this webpage.
Controls: Left Click to rotate, Right Click to pan, Middle Mouse up/down to zoom
Keep up with us work on Instagram


Discord Chat Bot

Tech Stack: JavaScript, Node.js

This is one of several Discord bots I've created. One key feature wwas that it monitors voice channels to detect when users join rewarding them with XP for time spent in call. Users are subsequently able to earn new roles. It also made use of a sound board type of system long before discord added it as a feature in the client. On top of this it has several minigames such as black jack, a maze game, an AI chatbot that responds and interacts with the user, music commands and many more things.
Check out the source code on GitHub

Portfolio Site

This Website

TechStack: JavaScript, React.js, Next.js, Three.js, Firebase

This website is intended to showcase some of my works. Youll find things such as websites, modelers, and Chatbot's.
It also has an easter egg on desktop if you can find it.


Band Website

Tech Stack: JavaScript, React Native, Expo, Firebase

SPF-50 was a band based in Daytona consisting of students from Embry Riddle. I was fortunate enough to be able to make the a website from scratch using React and Firebase. You are able to listen to them on all major platforms and I urge you to check out my work and theirs here:

This Portfolio Site(?)


TechStack: JavaScript, Vite, Three.js

Website thing thgin